Indie Game Developers & Publishers

Do you have a new game that you have developed?  Or, maybe you have a not so new game but would like to talk about it and get some additional views for your game.  

We are searching for Indie Game Developers & Publishers, large and small, that would like to promote their games via a video or text interview.
A video interview could be just question & answers or involve game play where you show off your game.  A text interview, would be just that, but we could include video gameplay or trailers.  

We are working towards creating an Indie Game spotlight showcasing new or older games.  Ideally we would like to have these videos available for gaming cons like Pax and possibly YouTube.  

We are not looking for anything other to network with those of you in the Indie Game world and talk to you about your game(s).  It's free and who knows, maybe it helps by getting your game(s) in the hands of people that wouldn't have known about it.  Not only that it opens us up to new and exciting games we have not seen, can play, and review.

We hope to hear from you.

If you provide us with a game key to play your game, please send two, so we can both play at the same time.  We do live in different states, so it's a little difficult to share.

Mr_K and Musketshot